• 10 Steps to Prevent Mold in Your House


    Step 1. Identify the source of the mold problem and address it

    Mold likes dark, damp places; thus, start your search from the places where there may be water leaks, frequent condensation, water stains or flood. To prevent the places from becoming a breeding ground for mold, install mold-resistant products, repair damaged gutters, and replace leaky pipes.

    Step 2. Keep things dry after mold cleanup

    Creating a dry environment at home. Any accumulation of water from leaky pipes, spills, or flood must be dried within 48 hours. Remove carpets or furniture that cannot be completely dried, and hang them outside. After you take a shower, dry the floors and walls of your bathroom as well.

    Step 3. Have proper ventilation

    Some indoor activities support high humidity; such as cooking, taking a shower and doing a laundry. As a result, kitchen, bathroom and laundry room become the most favorite places of mold to grow. However, you can reduce the indoor humidity level by venting clothes dryers and stoves to the outside and using dehumidifiers in humid climates

    Step 4. Use mold-resistant products

    There are no water-proof products so mold-resistant products are the best you can get. Whenever you rebuild a home or renovate it, equip your home with mold-resistant products such as mold-resistant Sheetrock, drywall, and mold inhibitors for paints. Install them especially in kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms and basements.

    Step 5. Maintain proper indoor humidity levels

    The recommended indoor humidity levels by EPA are in a range of 30 and 60 percent. To know the exact humidity level of your house, use a moisture meter. Additionally, you must notice signs of excessive humidity such as condensation on walls, windows or pipes. If those occur, you must set up the time for the next mold removal and mildew removal.

    Step 6. Repair roof gutters

    A leaky roof can be a source of mold problem due to damaged gutters. Regular gutter cleaning and inspection can prevent future damages. If damages occur, repair them immediately.

    Step 7. Replace leaky pipes

    Leaky pipes often become the culprit of water accumulation or damp walls in a house. As soon as you notice condensation or water stains on the walls, check the pipes. If they are leaky, fix or replace them right away.

    Step 8. Improve air flow

    EPA suggests that homeowners increase circulation by moving furniture away from walls or other furniture, opening doors between rooms and doors to closers.

    Step 9. Add Taheebo tea to indoor plants

    The soil in indoor plants can be a breeding place for mold. To prevent mold from growing while keeping the plants in place, add a few drops of Taheebo tea to some water and spray the mixture to the plants.

    Step 10. After mold cleanup, there is still a lot of work to do

    Be sure to be consistent in doing these steps if you want the mold cleaning result to be permanent. Want some help? Hire our housekeeping and maid cleaning company in Cornwall NY which specializes in cleaning mold to create a clean, healthy bathroom.