• 20 No Brainer Questions That Guarantee You Choose the Right Cleaning Services

  • Hiring a house or office cleaning company has become a lifestyle. Whether or not people are busy with their work, hiring a house cleaning company at least once a week is common to today’s’ families. Research and surveys have shown a fact that using cleaning services can increase the level of productivity and the length of quality time with families. Eventually, the household services support physical and emotional health for every member in a family. Despite its bunch of benefits, using a cleaning service should not make you fail in managing your finance. Since you will spend money for it, think how to make the spending worth. And, you can start it by investigating a few janitorial companies that tend to be the candidates. Below are some questions you should ask to the companies concerning their company’s reputation and employment.


    It is important to take a look at a cleaning company‘s reputation or achievement for their cleaning services as a start. The following questions will help you to see if they are as good as their ad says. Later, you can add more information from their reviews on the internet.

    Question 1. How reliable is your company?
    Instead of asking “is your company reliable?” (which sounds a bit arrogant to some people), the how- question opens an opportunity for the company to describe and, maybe, show how well their cleaners in cleaning commercial building or residential houses.

    Question 2. How long have you been in business?
    A long experience does not always come with an excellent level of professionalism. Still, it shoes how far the company has been serving a lot of customers with different needs and preferences with their available cleaning services, and how they have faced a lot of problems and fixed them. A problem-solving skill matters in the relationship between the company and the customers.

    Question 3. How do you prescreen your employees?
    It sounds familiar? Yes, it is because many companies state, on their ads, that they do it. However, it is your responsibility to check how far the company prescreens the employees. Politely ask if they are willing to provide proof.

    Question 4. How do you train your employees?
    Most cleaning companies train their employees before dispatching them to their customers’ houses – this may even be sort of standard. Some companies only give a little training that is obviously not enough. As a guide, a good company will have formal, documented and on-going training for their cleaners and staff.

    Question 5. Can you work within my budget?
    Are you in a high need of a cleaning help but do not have much of the left fortune this month? You can ask if the company can provide a customized cleaning service that fits your budget.

    Question 6. Can you give me a free in-home estimate?
    Many people do not bother asking for an in-home estimate. This idea is good to be practiced if you are looking for a long-term relationship and agree with a contract being involved.


    Question 7. How many cleaners will clean my house?
    Some companies will send a house cleaning team of 4 or more cleaners; some will send one individual. If you prefer one of them, ask if the company can manage it for you.

    Question 8. Are the cleaners licensed and insured?
    The cleaners are those who will be in your home during the cleaning process. Knowing that the company does official checks and verifications over them can make you less worried.

    Question 9. Is it OK to leave a tip for the cleaners?
    A tip is common in the industry of cleaning services; however, some companies have their own policy regarding this matter. Make sure you ask this beforehand.

    Many people feel unsatisfied about their hired cleaning services and think the services are not worth the money. Are you one of them? If so, now is the time to take a look back if you had asked the following questions before you hired the services from a house cleaning company. The questions will bring you a deeper insight about the company’s work.


    Question 10. Can you provide me a checklist of tasks the cleaners will perform?
    Different cleaning companies have their specific cleaning services and procedure. Asking this question, you will know what you are paying for and see if it is worth the money.

    Question 11. Who provides the cleaning products and equipment?
    One of the good things about hiring a professional janitorial company (a house or office cleaning company) is their expertise in using cleaning products and equipment properly. Ask whether the company, or you, provide the products and equipment.

    Question 12. What kinds of products and equipment do you use?
    Different cleaning companies have their own standards of commercial-grade products or equipment. You are free to ask what products or equipment the cleaners will use.

    Question 13. Can you fix unusual cleaning problems?
    It is common that some companies have their own specialization. For instance, Company A specializes in bathroom cleaning, Company B specializes in kitchen cleaning, and so on. It is good to ask if they can give something out of their services.

    Question 14. Can I have a customized cleaning project?
    Most house cleaning companies offer interior or exterior house cleaning. What about you RV or boat? You should ask this question in advance.

    Question 15. What about my pet?
    Tell the company that you have a pet in your house. It will make the cleaners able to provide more suitable products and equipment for your house.


    Question 16. How do you guarantee your work?
    Almost all cleaning companies give satisfaction guarantee to their customers. Some companies will give you a certain percent off your next service; some others offer your money back. Which one does the company offer?

    Question 17. Should I leave notes to the cleaners after the cleaning?
    You always want to have improved performance of cleaning services so leave notes to the cleaners after the cleaning. A professional cleaning company will positively respond to your feedbacks.

    Question 18. What are your most common complaints and how do you solve them?
    Misunderstanding sometimes occurs and makes customers unsatisfied. Ask this question, and see if the company will be able to meet your expectations.

    Question 19. What if something in my home is broken or damaged?
    Proper insurance is vital. You must always verify insurance coverage through the company’s insurance provider. And, ask for the procedure for dealing with breakage or damage.

    Question 20. What if something is missing from my home?
    Most of the times, such a situation happens because someone in the house moved the item or the item is temporarily lost. If the company does prescreen the employees well, it will never happen. If you are sure the item is stolen, tell the company or contact the police.

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