• 5 Useful Tips for Keeping Your Kitchen Clean and Healthy

  • Some of us might have been too busy to clean up the house especially the kitchen. In fact, a kitchen is a very important area in the house since we prepare food there. Bacteria from unclean and unhealthy kitchen can affect the food that we are cooking and it can affect our health. Yes, you can buy food in the stores once in a while but still you still need to cook for your family. Besides, you can guarantee the food nutrition if you cook your own meal.

    Everybody prefers to cook in clean an organized kitchen to keep the quality of the food. However, everyday activities usually make us too tired or busy to clean the kitchen let alone the house. If you are in this condition, you can follow these simple this useful tips for keeping your kitchen clean and healthy.

    1. For kitchen disinfectant, you can use a mixture of detergent and disinfectant that kill both bacteria and germs. Mixing them both gives more effective result than using a separate disinfectant product. You should disinfect your kitchen weekly to prevent the growth of germs and bacteria. If you do not have enough time to disinfect and thorough cleaning, you can hire house cleaning services from a reputable company.
    2. Thorough clean your countertop before and after prepare food to prevent bacteria contamination. For a light scrub or cleaner for your countertop, you can mix baking soda and liquid soap until the consistency you like. Make sure to make the amount that you need because it dries quickly.
    3. During your cooking time, as soon as you see any spills on the stove, try to clean it immediately. The spills become hard and difficult to remove moreover if it continues to face the heat from the stove.
    4. Clean your refrigerator at least once a month since it becomes the home for your food. You can clean the refrigerator using soap and water. To remove the refrigerator bad smells, you can use vinegar or baking soda to deodorize it. Put a cup of vinegar or baking soda and let it sits in the refrigerator for a couple hours suck the odor. If there are any food spills in the refrigerator, try to clean it immediately to prevent it from spreading the bacteria.
    5. It is better to use separate cutting board; one for meat and fish and one for fruit and vegetable. Using separate cutting board can prevent bacteria transfer to your salad. You should also use a separate knife too.

    It is indeed needed more spare time to clean the kitchen and usually your schedule will not allow you to do it. One of a good solution is to hire an expert in house cleaning services from a reputable cleaning company. You may think your home; especially your kitchen is unique and requires special care. However, that is why we are expert in house cleaning services because we listen to your preference and handle your house well.