• A Weekly House Cleaning Guide to Creating a Clean, Healthy Environment at Home

  • Creating a clean, healthy environment for your loved family is not difficult. But, it does require commitment to provide quality time and effort to do it on a regular basis. At least, a house needs weekly cleaning and monthly deep cleaning to be free from dirt and other hazardous particles, and to protect the occupants from the badness of fungi, mildew, mold, bacteria and viruses. Of course, all the standard tasks of house cleaning services in Cornwall NY usually cannot be done alone because it is just too many things! If using the maid cleaning services of a house cleaning company seems impossible due to your financial condition, why don’t you ask the teenagers and adults in your house to help you? The following guide can be useful for you to delegate the tasks.

    With clear instructions and, of course, enough motivation, everyone in the house can help each other to clean the house.

    Fun House Cleaning with Your Family

    There are some parts of the house that can be cleaned together without a house cleaning service such as bathroom, kitchen, flooring, household extras and furniture. You can exclude bedrooms for everyone can be responsible for their own bedroom. Besides, everyone needs privacy there.

    1. Bathroom
      No one wants to clean this prone-to-wetness room. But since it is the family’s responsibility for keeping it clean and healthy, someone should sacrifice. A lot of tasks should be performed in cleaning the bathroom such as scrubbing the toilet and tub, damp-wiping the shower head, sink, faucet, and other fixtures, and spraying disinfectants. The bathroom tasks can be delegated to dad.
    2. Kitchen
      Kitchen is where all the delicious and healthy food is made. That’s why the hygiene should be a priority. Let mom take the cleaning tasks in the zone because she is the one who are most familiar with the kitchen appliances and fixtures. The standard tasks of kitchen cleaning including removing oily splashes on the backsplash tiles, damp-wiping kitchen fixtures, dish-washing, cleaning the inner side of the refrigerator and oven and empting the trash bin.
    3. Flooring
      Floors are full of germs and solid dirt due to its direct contact with feet. Let the teenagers vacuum it to get rid of the small particles and mop it to make it comfortable for your feet. If you have carpets, opt to wash or vacuum them. Vacuuming them is more practical, but put them under direct sunlight for some time before installing them to their place. Direct sunlight kills the germs in an instant.
    4. Household extras
      There are just a lot of things to clean in a house such as windows, blinds, baseboards, vents, furniture, decorative items, etc. Do the cleaning over the extras altogether. Make sure you do the cleaning before the floor or carpet cleaning.

    The guide above is simply designed to help your family hand-in-hand clean your house at the weekend. Surely, you will need the help of a house cleaning company to deep-clean your house at the end of the month. Contact a local cleaning services in Cornwall company like Newburgh Cleaning Company (845) 764-8912 to avoid a high charge on transportation and customize your cleaning plan as well.