• With the daily responsibilities and obligations of people being required to work heavy hours to support themselves and their families, especially in challenging economic times, it can be extremely difficult to maintain a clean and tidy home. As the homeowner you may feel that keeping your home organized and clean is sometimes out of your reach, since you will most likely have duties of cooking and chores upon arriving home from work. What energy could possibly be remaining after such busy schedules? The fact of the matter is, there is a form of assistance for every kind of duty, and that includes cleaning your home from our dedicated team at Newburgh Cleaning Services.

  • By using our trustworthy maid cleaning service, you can be assured of receiving the assistance you need towards attaining and maintaining a perfectly clean home. It is human nature to sometimes feel worried about anyone entering your home, especially if they are not well known to you as the homeowner. However, our team of professionals at Newburgh Cleaning Services has earned the trust of our valued clients, as well as good ratings, feedback, and referrals. 

  • You can certainly trust and count on us. We strongly believe that the best home cleaning services are the ones that consist of maids and housekeepers that not only specialize in tending to every space and crevice within a home, but also those who respect the home or business owners’ property. We provide the best comprehensive maid cleaning service in the greater Newburgh area, to include New Windsor, Cornwall, Vails Gate, and Washingtonville. When you want your house cleaned by a locally owned company of trusted professionals then you should call us.

    There have been many occurrences of people hiring maid cleaning services that had not earned the right to be trusted through their hard work and ethics. Unfortunately, many families have even had some of their items go missing upon the completion of a questionable “cleaning session”. You will never have to worry about that with us!

    We are a local family-owned ethical residential house cleaning service and we treat our clients like family.  We take great pride in taking care of you and your necessities. If you’re looking for a group of trusted residential housekeepers, then it will be in your greatest interest to contact our household professional specialists immediately. Green cleaning option methods are also available. Call us at (845) 764-8912 today and walk into a fresher home!

    Are you a homeowner that takes great price in keeping your property immaculately clean, maintained, and upgraded with the latest trends of interior designing? If so, then you have absolutely nothing to be ashamed of. After all, a home is considered to be one of the greatest valued assets a family can own. However, there are certain circumstances that can deter someone from attaining the level of conditioned clean home they would like to maintain. Such circumstances are often in the forms of having accidental spills, staining, and overall dirtiness within their homes. Especially with today’s busy families. Call your local housekeeping solution – Newburgh Cleaning Services today.