• Window Cleaning Service in Newburgh, New Windsor, Cornwall, Vails Gate and Washingtonville NY

    It does not matter where you are a resident or a business owner, it is very important to maintain a clean building and remove all of the dirt, dust and grime that builds up over time. With a professional cleaning service, it is possible to do just this. From window washing to chandelier cleaning, you can expect an expert window washing company like Newburgh Cleaning to do it all. You just need to pick up the phone and call 845-764-8912.

    Our cleaning services in Newburgh can help you out with just about anything. Window cleaning is rather difficult in some areas, and often times you just do not have the time to clean your windows. Plus, if you run your own business and have a large display, you need the proper window cleaning equipment required to clean these large windows, and investing in this sort of equipment really is not an option. Instead of spending out of your pocket to buy the equipment and then pay your own employee (or do it yourself) to maintain the window, you need to take advantage of our professional cleaning service.

    With residential window cleaning, your own home can look just as good too. This window cleaning option is a great way to transform your window and to make sure it always looks good on both the inside and the out. Plus, there are always those hard to reach windows that are almost impossible to clean. With our professional cleaning services in Cornwall or Vails Gate, you no longer need to look at the dirty spots on the window every time you walk past. Newburgh Cleaning company is able to do it for you.

    Beyond the commercial window cleaning, you probably need certain areas of your home cleaned that you either do not feel comfortable cleaning or are not able to reach. A chandelier is just such an option. This often hangs high above the floor and is filled with glass, crystal and all sorts of other valuables pieces of breakable material. Instead of attempting to clean it yourself and risk injury, just pick up the phone and call the professional cleaning services at Newburgh Cleaning. With our professionals, your chandelier is going to look as good as the day you purchased it.

    If you are need of any sort of professional cleaning services, all you need to do is contact us at 845-764-8912 and we are able to help you out, no matter what it is you are looking for.